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Officers' Duties



  • The president is the presiding officer for all meetings of the club and for board meetings

  • The president shall be knowledgeable of the constitution and by-laws of the club and use these as guidelines when conducting the business of the club.

  • The president calls for a minimum of four board meetings per year.

  • The president may be a co-signer on checks.

  • The president appoints standing and short-term committees.

  • The president is ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

  • The president answers and sends, or delegates, official correspondence on behalf of HGC (such as thank you notes, inquiries, requests, etc.)

  • The president is responsible for the overall well-being and smooth running of the organization.

  • The president is a board member during the tenure of the subsequent president


1984       Aileen Kirkpatrick

1985-86  Rosemary Fitzpatrick

1987-88  Toby Tyler

1989       Jack Walsh

1990       Lizabeth Johnson

1991       Toby Tyler and Janie Myers

1992       Cathy Ulmer

1993       Vicky Hodnick

1994-96   Rose Mary Beck

1997-98   Ty Gates

1999-00   Bev Guyton

2001-02   Shirley Forquer

2003-09   Brenda Adams

2010-13   Jack Regan

2014       Jessica Ryan

2015-17   Francie Roberts

2018-23   Kathy Dube




  • The vice-president (VP) presides over club meetings and board meetings in the absence of the president and may be a co-signer on checks if selected by the President.

  • The VP is the Program Committee Chairperson. The committee consists of the VP and one member at large.

  • As program chair, s/he communicates with all presenters and acts as host/hostess to the presenter on the day of the meeting.

  • S/he arranges for presentation needs such as projectors, handouts, etc. as well as a thank you gift and card for the presenter. S/he also reserves and arranges payment for the meeting room for each regular meeting.

  • S/he notifies the HGC Newsletter Editor of events two weeks in advance.

  • S/he notifies the publicity person of events, in writing, at least two weeks in advance.

  • In the case of the resignation of the president, the VP would automatically become the acting president assuming all responsibilities listed for the president and would complete the term of the resigning president. In this case, a new program person would be selected or the other committee members could assume this task.



1984       Jeanne McArther

1985-86  Josie Bills

1987-88  Ted Reynolds

1989       Diane Reinert

1990       J.David Sneed

1991       Toby Tyler and Janie Myers

1992-93  Rosemary Fitzpatrick 1993

1994       Joan Ellington

1995       Edith Hawkey

1996-98  Rita Jo Shoultz

1999-00  Rose Beck

2001-02  Rosie Burgess and Teena Garay

2003-08  Teena Garay

2009-12  Neil Wagner

2013       Jessica Ryan

2014       Francie Roberts and Joan Splinter

2015       Tony Burgess and Joan Splinter

2016-17   Tim Quinn and Joan Splinter

2018-21   Jan Peyton and Sally Coleman

2022        Jan Peyton and Janice

2023        Jan Peyton 


  • The treasurer is the chief financial officer.

  • The treasurer collects and distributes all funds of the club.

  • The treasurer keeps accurate financial records.

  • The treasurer co-signs all checks for the HGC.

  • The treasurer will make a financial report at each membership and board meeting and annual meeting or, if unavailable, designate another officer to do so.

  • The treasurer will have the books closed and ready for annual audit by October 31st.

  • The treasurer will advise the board on all financial matters having the fiscal well-being of the HGC in mind.

  • The treasurer will advise board committees on financial requests and expenditures.

  • When financial requests are made, the guidelines for grant requests shall be followed.

  • Prior to the new fiscal year (October 1st) the treasurer will prepare a draft budget for consideration by the new Board for the new fiscal year.

  •  The treasurer will provide the Social Secretary and the Gardener’s Weekend Chair a KPB tax exempt certificate (card) when the cards become available for the next calendar year, no later than January 10th. 

  •  The treasurer will file reports as required by our borough, state, and the federal government.

  •  The treasurer will prepare a year-end treasurer report no later than 15 days after the end of our fiscal year.



1984     Shirley Forquer

1985     Harold Gnad

1987-88 Edna Fisk

1989      Betty Schmidt

1990-92 Joy Post

1993-96 Brian Bennett

1997-02 Tracy Asselin

2003      Rita Jo Shoultz

2004-05 Pat Gross

2006-14 Peggy Craig

2015-17 Peggy Pittman

2018-23 Louise Ashmun

2023-     Louise Ashmun/Kendall DellaSperenza  




  • The recording secretary records minutes of general membership meetings and reads past minutes at all meetings. The Board may decide to post general membership minutes in the newsletter in lieu of reading them at the meeting.

  • The RS records minutes of all board meetings and reads past minutes at all meetings.

  • The RS types minutes and submits them to the president and the Board in a timely fashion.

  • The RS, in coordination with the president and treasurer, writes and sends official letters of communication for the HGC

  • The RS compiles all minutes and correspondence for the year and passes it on to the next RS.




1984      Janet Keating Carroll

1984-86 Lois Schneyer

1987-88 Camille Hawley Whitmore

1989      Lizabeth Johnson

1990      Nancy Lander-Robinson

1991      none

1992-94 Brigette Suter

1995      Cleta Elefritz

1996-97 Joyce Robinette

1998-00 Kate McNulty

2001      Mary Oldham

2002      Joyce Robinette

2003-04 Liz Johnson

2005      Linda Reinhardt

2006-08 Rachael Roe

2009      Paula Riley

2010      Roni Overway

2011-12 Jessica Ryan

2013-17 Brenda Adams

2018 -20 Roni Overway

2020-22  Ruth Dickerson

2022-23  Connie Cavasos

2023-     Tina Seaton




  • The historian keeps a record of all Club activities using photographs, newsletters, minutes of membership and board meetings and all other written correspondence and materials whether they be electronic or paper.

  • The historian maintains these records in a timely fashion.

  • The historian passes on these records to the next historian in current and good order.

  • As a board member the historian advises the board on past board decisions and in so doing assists the board from reinventing the wheel.


1985-88 Edna Farsdahl and Janie Myers

1989-92 Janie Myers

1993-01 Liz Johnson

2003      Liz Johnson and Rosie Burgess

2001-08 Patrick Church

2009      Barbara Kennedy

2010-12 Michael Linden

2013-17 Sharon Froeschle

2018 -    Elaine Burgess 



  • The newsletter editor publishes 9 monthly newsletters per year which is an educational and informational communication for all members and interested parties.

  • The editor encourages the membership to contribute educational and informational articles of interest to gardeners in Alaska and the Homer area.

  • The editor distributes the newsletter by mail or email by the 15th of each month so that members receive information about upcoming meetings in a timely fashion.

  • The editor acts as the communication hub for the board and the membership. Any items that members would like to add to the newsletter are to be sent to the newsletter editor for consideration.

  • The editor, or her/his delegate, is responsible for securing ads for the newsletter.  Cost of these ads is $40.00 each.



1984         Janet Keating Carroll

1984-86    Lois Schneyer

1987-88    Camille Hawley Whitmore

1989         Beth Cumming

1990         John/Donna Sigler

1991         Liz Johnson

1992-94    Beverly Guyton

1995-97    Mary Oldham

1998-99    Rosemary Fitzpatrick

2000-04    Kate McNulty and Elaine Grabowski

2005-2008 Pam Voeller and Elaine Grabowski

2009-2010 Pam Voeller and Kim Smith

2011-        Paula Riley




  • The CM manager keeps a current membership list so that all members receive a newsletter as part of the member benefits.

  • CM manager produces a list of those members receiving the newsletter by US mail for the Newsletter Editor by the 15th of each month.

  • The CM manager distributes the newsletter by e-mail by the 15th of each month so that members receive information about upcoming meetings in a timely fashion.

  • The CM manager produces ad hoc reports from the data base as requested by the President.

  • The CM manager sends out occaisional group emails when requested by a member and approved by the president.

  • The CM manager keeps a current and regular backup of the member data base.



2012-   Barbara Kennedy


  • The social secretary is the hospitality officer of the club.

  • The social secretary arranges for having refreshments at all meetings and the annual plant sale, this includes purchasing beverages and supplies.

  • The social secretary is a member of the Harvest Dinner committee.



1984       Aggie Blackmor

1984-86  Josie Bills

1987       Shirley Forquer

1988-91  Edna Farsdahl

1992-93  Vicky Hodnick

1994-95  Jeanne McArthur

1996-97  Pat Gross

1998       Beverly Guyton

1999       Sharon Bayer

1900       Roberta Harris

1901-02  Rose Beck

2003       Kathy Keifer and Donna Colliers

2004-05  Millie Lewis

2006       Christine Wickham and Allyn Lawrence

2007-08  Roni Overway and Barb Landi

2009       Roni Overway

2010-11  Julie Parizek

2012-14  Kate McNulty

2015-17  Jeannette Lawson

2020 -     Michael Murray  


  • The publicity chair places announcements by e-mail or hand delivery in local newspapers and provides radio stations with written public service announcements of all monthly meetings including the Harvest Dinner meeting in September.

  • The publicity chair posts notices of meetings at local businesses that provide public bulletin boards. A list of these places is in the Forms section of this book.

  • The publicity chair manages the HGC website and keeps it updated with calendar events, new photos, newsletters, and other items as decided by the Board.

  • Any social media sites established by the club will be managed by the publicity chair. At this time, Facebook is the only one. 

  • The publicity chair establishes passwords and updates them as necessary for websites and social media and insures that all Board members are informed of the passwords.


2009-2010  Barb Landi

2011-2023  Julie Parizek

2023 -        Astrid Friend 




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