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The Plant Sale committee consists of at least one chair and other members who volunteer for set up, clean up, cashiering, pricing and contributing.  Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • Prepares advertising posters and distributes them to social media and/or community bulletin boards.

  • Secures permission to use the Homer Chamber of Commerce lot for the day of the sale. *

  • Secures volunteers to bring tables, card tables, chairs, brooms, etc.

  • Takes responsibility for advertising in local newspapers, and provides written public service announcements to local radio stations. -

  • Collects cardboard boxes to be available on the day of the sale.

  • Communicates with the treasurer to have change money and cash boxes available before the sale.

  • Communicates with the newsletter editor with details for the sale for the newsletter issues prior to the sale.

  • Responsible for all organizational aspects of the sale including plant drop off station, set up time, opening procedures, etc.

  • Provides markers, price lists, price tags and has pricing done by the opening of the sale.

  • Writes thank you notes when appropriate.

  • Prepares a post-event evaluation to make recommendations on how to improve it for the following year.

* This is the current location. It may change over time.



The Harvest Dinner Committee consists of at least one chair and whomever they recruit to help in the planning and execution of this event.  This is a short term committee needed only between August 15 and September 30.

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • Secures a place for the event that has adequate tables and seating and a kitchen.

  • Sets up a table for the Treasurer to process membership sign-ups and renewals and to collect dues for the new year.

  • Plan entertainment or a speaker for the event.

  • Decorates and cleans up the room.

  • Purchases awards, door prizes, and gifts when needed.

  • Prepares a written program for the event.

  • Communicates plans and needs to the newsletter editor for timely communication to the membership.

  • Writes thank you notes when appropriate.



The original committee was responsible for the writing and publication of the HGC's first book on local area gardening.

Henceforth, the Publication Committee is responsible for the writing, rewriting, editing and publication of books, articles, fliers, etc. which may be requested by the board or the membership.

The expenditure of club funds for publications must be approved by the board with the vote of the membership.

The Publication Committee consists of at least one chair and as many members as needed to accomplish the task.



This committee consists of: the Vice President(s), and additional volunteer members at large.

The purpose of this committee is to meet and decide on garden club programs for the club year which is October through September.

Topics shall be chosen based on input from the membership, availability of presenters and will include a variety of topics including design, horticulture and environmental concerns.

The members of the committee will share the responsibility for the following:

  • Contacting the presenter.

  • Arranging transportation which may or may not include air or auto travel.

  • Providing the presenter with information as to time and place.

  • Determining A/V needs and arranging for these.

  • Arranging for the copying of materials if needed.

  • Reserving and arranging payment for the meeting room.

  • See to it that the room is left in good order.

The members of the committee will share the responsibility for hosting the presenter:

  • Pick up and return to airport, or local accommodations.

  • Take speaker to brunch if needed. The club pays for presenter and one member of the

  • club.

  • Have presenter at meeting room by 1:30 PM.

  • Arrange A/V equipment so that it is ready for use.

  • Arrange chairs to accommodate participants.

  • Introduce speaker and close with appropriate comments and a gift. The club pays for a

  • gift for the presenter.

  • Send or give the presenter a thank you note.



The Garden Tour committee is composed of a chair or two co-chairs and six volunteer members.  They are responsible for the planning and executing of GardenTour in its entirety with each committee member assuming or overseeing specific tasks.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • With board approval, identify, negotiate with, and contract, a featured speaker for the weekend event, if desired. 

  • Choose and reserve an appropriate venue for the speaker's presentation

  • Identify local gardens that might be considered for inclusion in the garden tours, contact garden owners, visit gardens and correspond with chosen garden owners periodically, including telling them additional events associated with the tour. 

  • Publicize Garden Tour through various media including the Homer News, Homer Tribune, Chamber of Commerce, radio, etc.

  • Produce, have printed and distribute posters and brochures.

  • Make maps with garden descriptions for the guidance of the participants. Make flower pins, tickets, and other items necessary for the success of the event

  • Arrange for an Afterparty to thank Garden Owners and Volunteers.

  • Recruit volunteers to fill various positions that are essential for the successful weekend, such as (but not limited to) ticket sales, poster and brochure distribution, serving as hosts and hostesses.

  • Make name tags for speaker, hostesses, committee members, winery owners, kitchen helpers and cooks.

  • Adhere to budget requirements, forward receipts and bills to the club treasurer for reimbursement or payment.

  • Coordinate with treasurer to get a cash box to use during ticket sales and money for ticket sales at the gardens.

  • Meet and correspond with volunteer garden hosts/hostesses to acquaint them with their duties at the tour gardens. Provide them with host packets including guest books, maps and pins as well as a tally sheet for proceeds from ticket sales.  

  • Put up signs to direct traffic to the tour gardens and remove them after the tours.

  • Send thank you notes as appropriate.



The Baycrest Garden Committee consists of at least one chair and many volunteers.

The purpose of the committee is to oversee the care and maintenance of the garden created by the Homer Garden Club at the Baycrest overlook.

Within the constraints of the annual budget set for the garden by the Board, the chair(s) will assess the overall health of the garden each spring, identify any plants that need to be replaced, divided or moved, amend the soil with compost, and add fresh top-dressing mulch. They will then procure the necessary supplies, including replacement plants, and schedule a spring maintenance workday for all committee members and other volunteers to effect the necessary changes.

The chairs will teach the volunteers what is expected of them in terms of proper deadheading and weeding techniques.

Plant divisions will be sold for the benefit of the HGC either through the annual plant sale or on an individual basis.

Throughout the course of the summer, volunteers will weed on a weekly basis, and deadhead as necessary for the garden to look well-groomed. One of the co-chairs will establish a schedule for the season’s maintenance, assign volunteers to each week and email or telephone a reminder to each volunteer the week before their scheduled maintenance. Ideally, a more experienced gardener will be scheduled with a less experienced one.

The chair(s) will work with Homer Parks and Recreation to insure the garden is watered sufficiently.

The committee will notify the Board of any plant thefts or the need to replace any signage in the garden. A camera is maintained to protect the garden from theft. 

In fall the chair(s) will assess the garden again, make notes regarding spring projects, plant health, and other issues, and decide if any other maintenance is required for winter preparation. Spring notes will be passed to the next year’s chairs.

Chair(s) will field questions and suggestions from members regarding the garden and report to the Board is there are any major issues.


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