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Next meeting - Sunday January 21st
2PM at the Aspen Hotel
Marsha Rouggly from Sweet Berries will present.

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Food Pantry Gardens and Senior Gardening

Don Bladow spoke to the Homer Garden Club on Sunday November 19th at 2PM.  He spoke on senior gardening, creating and maintaining a food pantry garden and his experiences taking the Master Gardener class.


Don is retired from the Anchorage School District. He was the Technical Coordinator at Bartlett High School. Prior to that Don was a systems analyst for 17 years and he spent seven years in the Air Force. Don holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Education.


Don’s gardening experience began when he retired in 2015,  when he started building the garden behind Lutheran Church of Hope in Anchorage.  To learn more about gardening, he enrolled in a Master Gardener class . The garden started with 5 elevated beds totaling a little more than 100 square feet. They planted in the middle of July and had a harvest of 25 lbs. The following year, the average harvest has been 4000 pounds a year! The garden has grown to over 10,000 square feet and continues to reap a large yearly harvest. 

Our Mission:  The Homer Garden Club was founded to educate and encourage gardeners and to provide positive experiences for gardeners at all levels of learning. Homer Garden Club is a non-profit organization. The club happily welcomes new members and visitors.


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